Karachi Matric Exams Commence Amid Strict Mobile Phone Ban

Karachi, a bustling metropolis in Pakistan, is gearing up for the commencement of its annual secondary school certificate examinations, commonly known as matric exams, scheduled to start on May 7th. According to ARY News reports, more than 365,000 students from all seven districts of the city are set to participate in these crucial exams, which mark a significant milestone in the academic journey of ninth and tenth graders.

The Chairman of the Matric Board, Sharaf Ali Shah, has emphasized during a press conference that a stringent ban on mobile phones has been imposed within examination centers. Any student found with a mobile phone will have their device confiscated. This move is part of a broader effort to curb cheating and ensure a fair testing environment.

Preparations for the exams, which commence on May 7th, are reported to be complete. To accommodate the large number of candidates, 505 examination centers have been established across Karachi. The board has taken special measures to streamline the process, including the deployment of officers responsible for the secure delivery of examination papers.

In an attempt to facilitate students and teachers, the secondary education board has introduced online computerized admit cards, with examination center details printed for easy reference. However, with just two days to go before the exams, technical issues have arisen. The web portal system crucial for admit card retrieval has become non-functional, causing significant distress.

Students are facing challenges in obtaining their admit cards, and parents are reportedly distressed by the inconvenience. Despite the Sindh Education Department announcing that offices would remain open over the weekend to assist with these issues, there have been reports of absent officers, adding to the frustration of those affected.

This development has raised concerns among students, parents, and educators alike. The board’s assurance of readiness is being tested as they work to resolve the technical difficulties and ensure that all candidates have access to their necessary documentation in time for the start of the examinations.

As the city braces for these examinations under the new regulations, the focus is not only on the academic performance of the students but also on the efficiency and effectiveness of the examination board’s administrative procedures. The outcome of these exams will have a significant impact on the educational and professional futures of Karachi’s youth.

The Karachi Matric Exams of 2024 are a testament to the determination of the city’s education system to uphold integrity and excellence in academic assessments, despite the challenges posed by technology glitches and administrative hurdles.

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