The Avicenna Medical College Lahore Tragedy: Calls for Accountability and Reform

News Desk Lahore—-The unfortunate passing of a student at Avicenna Medical College Lahore has triggered serious concerns regarding the mental well-being of students and the role of college administration in maintaining a supportive educational environment. The incident has escalated as students raise their voices against the alleged oppressive practices of the college’s chairman, Sheikh Waheed, and the administrative staff. These claims shine a light on the necessity for greater transparency and accountability in educational institutions across Pakistan.

The death of a student, Mahnoor, has opened a Pandora’s box of allegations against Avicenna Medical College’s administration. Students assert that the mental distress inflicted upon Mahnoor by the administration led to her nervous breakdown and eventual demise. They contend that this is not an isolated case but rather part of a troubling pattern at the college. The college, initially dismissive of such allegations, has since acknowledged the issues and promised change. However, the students are demanding concrete accountability measures, especially given past accusations of sexual harassment involving the chairman.

The Core of Student Grievances:

The students of Avicenna Medical College have outlined a series of grave concerns, including:

  • 1. Excessive disciplinary fines imposed in the name of college discipline, leading to financial strain and mental stress.
  • 2. Threats of admission cancellation as a means to enforce compliance, further exacerbating anxiety among the student body.
  • 3. Reports of abusive treatment, such as forcing students to sit on the ground in the sun, head-shaving, cutting their shirts with scissors, and verbal abuse.
  • 4. Ongoing tenure of Sheikh Waheed as chairman despite allegations of sexual harassment, raising questions about the college’s commitment to a safe learning environment.

Demands for Accountability:

The student body’s immediate demand is for a transparent investigation into the circumstances leading to Mahnoor’s death and the alleged pattern of abuse within the institution. They are calling for the implementation of checks and balances to prevent such incidents from recurring. Furthermore, there is a loud call for the removal of any administrative staff found culpable of misconduct, including Sheikh Waheed, if the harassment allegations prove true.


Avicenna Medical College Lahore stands at a crossroads, with the tragic death of a student highlighting the critical need for reform. It is imperative for the college to address these issues head-on, ensuring that policies and practices are in place to protect the mental and physical well-being of its students. Educational institutions must be sanctuaries of learning, not places of fear and oppression. The students’ protest is not just about seeking justice for Mahnoor but is also a plea for systemic change that will safeguard the future of many young lives entrusted to educational establishments.

Call to Action:

The administration of Avicenna Medical College must take immediate and transparent action to investigate and address the grievances of its students. It is also incumbent upon regulatory bodies and the government to step in and ensure that educational institutions across Pakistan adhere to ethical and supportive practices that promote student welfare above all else.

Author’s Note:

This article is based on reported claims and allegations from students of Avicenna Medical College Lahore. The information is presented to raise awareness and does not constitute an accusation. The aim is to encourage dialogue and prompt necessary reforms within educational institutions for the betterment of student communitie

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